Comp/Mograph Reel

Greg Del Savio | compositing/motion graphics


The Rope

Just got my hands on an awesome Cinema 4D plugin called Reeper X. Basically, it creates ‘ropes’ from a simple spline. seems pretty cool.

Golf Sensei Final

Final output of the Weyland/Yutani Corporation’s (fictional) Golf Sensei for iOS devices.

Director: Greg Tuzin
Art Director: Clifford Chan
Editor: Todd Johnson
Editor/Compositor: Riccardo Kovacs
Motion Graphics/Compositor: Greg Del Savio
Motion Graphics/Compositor: Sean Siegler
Sound Design/Music: Malte Hagemeister

Scosche myTrek

A brilliant shoot for the Scosche myTrek, which is a Bluetooth enabled workout monitor. VFX Supervised the location shoot with Ratha Nu. Compositing of motion graphics, planar tracking with Mocha Pro and phone/armband replacement, wire removal (and plane) much rotoscoping and stabilizing.

This one was great fun to work on. Everyone was on it.

Additional Credits
Ratha Nou – art direction, motion graphics, 2D animation
Adam Hicks – motion graphics, screen replacement, tracking
Todd Johnson – Editing


Experiments with Plexus for After Effects. Going to be using it on an upcoming project. Definitely has some cool applications for future use.


RT @starwars: VIDEO: ILM Chief Model Maker Lorne Peterson talks about making the Executor! #StarWarsBluRay — @ILMVFX

If this, than that….

Pretty neat website that automates various internet related tasks for you…

Put the internet to work for you by creating tasks that fit this simple structure:

if this then that. 

Think of all the things you could do if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that).

Red Giant – Products – Trapcode Form 2.0

Red Giant – Products – Trapcode Form 2.0.


This is looking pretty nice if you can really bring models, etc into it….

The Camera Eye :: 2010

Okay….I shortened the hell out of this….. and blur, aside, kinda like it.

I am zooming and panning on a flat time lapse, so if it works for you, then right on! It took a while, because I re-rendered in HD…big!!

The exposure problem is still there, but not quite as noticeable with the cuts. The growing building part makes me chuckle, I am not sure if that works, or not…it was fun though.haha

The song is Rush – “The Camera Eye”


A company needed an exciting, adrenaline-filled intro to open their 2010 annual meeting. The only direction given to us is that the intro had a ‘flight’ theme, and needed to feature a fighter jet, wind tunnel, and dogfights. Oh, and they needed it in 10 days! We came up with a concept of an old fighter plane emerging from blueprint schematics, and then transforming into a futuristic fighter jet that represented them. The jet then takes off and effectively blows away the competition before taking off into space.

2D/3D animation, Compositing

Additional Credits
Ratha Nou – Art direction, 2D/3D animation
Cliff Chan – Art direction, 2D/3D animaton, compositing
Jaan Shenberger – 2D animation