8 Hours in Brooklyn on Vimeo

This is a pretty nice use of the Phantom Flex camera…Yes, please!

Castrol – Tested to Perfection on Vimeo

Citroën – Dominoes on Vimeo

Protected: Tahoe was fun, but I think the beach may have been easier.

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Manhattan Skyline 1991

Took this picture with an olde fashioned film camera in 1991.  Just recently was able to scan it into my computer and treat it nicely. (IE – Fix it.) Really love these shots…


Manhattan Skyline 1991, originally uploaded by Savagerush.

Old Rainy Day from the office…….the old office.

Sakar Camera

On this project for the Sakar camera, a camera that plugs into an iPad for photo editing, I was one of the photographers who was on set in a pre-shoot session to acquire the photos that are seen in the frames on the wall and in the app.

Just a few pics to make sure this all works

Just making sure this thing still works. Haha. Here are a couple of pics.

Excellent 2d Animation by Ryan Woodward

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

San Francisco shots