Comp/Mograph Reel

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Golf Sensei Final

Final output of the Weyland/Yutani Corporation’s (fictional) Golf Sensei for iOS devices. Director: Greg Tuzin Art Director: Clifford Chan Editor: Todd Johnson Editor/Compositor: Riccardo Kovacs Motion Graphics/Compositor: Greg Del Savio Motion Graphics/Compositor: Sean Siegler Sound Design/Music: Malte Hagemeister

Scosche myTrek

A brilliant shoot for the Scosche myTrek, which is a Bluetooth enabled workout monitor. VFX Supervised the location shoot with Ratha Nu. Compositing of motion graphics, planar tracking with Mocha Pro and phone/armband replacement, wire removal (and plane) much rotoscoping and stabilizing. This one was great fun to work on. Everyone was on it. Client: […]

The Camera Eye :: 2010

Okay….I shortened the hell out of this….. and blur, aside, kinda like it. I am zooming and panning on a flat time lapse, so if it works for you, then right on! It took a while, because I re-rendered in HD…big!! The exposure problem is still there, but not quite as noticeable with the cuts. […]


A company needed an exciting, adrenaline-filled intro to open their 2010 annual meeting. The only direction given to us is that the intro had a ‘flight’ theme, and needed to feature a fighter jet, wind tunnel, and dogfights. Oh, and they needed it in 10 days! We came up with a concept of an old […]

Sakar Camera

On this project for the Sakar camera, a camera that plugs into an iPad for photo editing, I was one of the photographers who was on set in a pre-shoot session to acquire the photos that are seen in the frames on the wall and in the app.

There can be only one….

Instead of a couple minute long video with music, I thought to myself, why not try comping with the new T2i……and sure enough, i think we have a winner. Connor Macleod would be/is proud…. Shorter, but kinda cool…..hello After Effects CS5!